Cultivating key principles that make us JO1N

There is a set of core values that run through JO1N. We care about our customers and employees equally, and we make sure to cultivate the most outstandable culture possible for all who engages & joins us.

The culture revolves around the sense of community, cooperation, and inclusion. To be JO1N is to be thoughtful, to be creative, to be one step ahead. To be JO1N is to have an edge, to anticipate. It’s to never stop learning and to never stop improving.

Our principles are:

Stay hungry — hungry to disrupt the traditional lending norms & system and to never stop improving. This way, our customers and employees with appetites for success are empowered.
Keep it honest. We promise transparency to our customers and employees — you won’t find any unpleasant surprises with JO1N.
Empower your community. We value local efforts and local retailers that improve the community and are willing to contribute through our proposition.

Basing our actions on the mentioned principles we are building the service for small and medium retailers to support their efforts and flourish local sales.
Let’s save the places we associate with together.