Going Phygital: Series1: Offline vs Online

What is a phygital distribution model?
Whenever we mention the word ”digital”, the question arises: what about the customers that are not that tech savvy?

One approach that is rapidly gaining traction is the idea of using a distribution model that combines physical and digital channels—a “phygital” model. Even as customers are turning to digital and mobile channels, they continue to value human advice, often in person, making physical channels an essential service that adds value at certain points within the customer journey that will stay with us for the significant part of our and next generation.

We have to highlight that we also put a lot of effort to help retailers serve better those people who still prefer to come to a physical store.

Moreover, A hybrid “phygital” model strengthens retailers’ digital reach and the quality of their physical network. Moreover, can help when entering the online market.

Advances in digital technologies, coupled with significant shifts in consumer behavior, are presenting new opportunities for financial services companies to redefine their distribution models

A bit of geek facts

  • According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy there were 5.9 million private businesses in the UK at the start of 2019 – more than 99% of which are small or medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Before the pandemic hit, they are responsible for 60% of all private sector jobs in the UK – which is around the 17 million. that they play a crucial part in the UK`s economy and their contribution is increasing every year. Yet, these businesses are still struggling when it comes to funding. 
  • Card payments accounted for half (51 per cent) of all payments in the UK in 2019.According to UK Finance, cash payments are going to decrease by 23% by 2026. 
  • Remote banking increased across all age groups, with 72 per cent using online banking and 50 per cent now using mobile banking

So, what’s our approach about and what are the perks?
By blending digital and mobile services with in-store solutions, together we can take advantage of the strengths of each channel. Our distinctive “phygital” model, which combines solutions offered to physical stores through a host of digital channels, allows us to serve more and more satisfied customers

  • Costs. Digital channels offer companies a means of reducing the cost of distribution and offering a better cross-channel experience to customers. I see the use of digital channels expanding further as new technologies become available and enable financial services companies to offer customers a superior experience, competitive pricing and value for money, driving loyalty and satisfaction. 
  • Customer first. An effective phygital distribution model lets customers transfer smoothly between channels and gives physical channels the opportunity to drive higher value and longterm advice-led relationships with their customers

It is our belief that the phygital model will become a critical value lever for financial services companies in United Kingdom. It will allow them to strengthen their digital reach and the quality of advice offered by their physical network, while promoting more convenient, lower-cost channel options for their customers.

So, what about JO1N?

Simply put, there are hardly few lending companies that would advocate for the small and medium businesses. Who’s currently helping local businesses to survive over COVID lockdowns? It has never been more important to increase conversion and make that extra transaction happen.

All business organizations globally are now going through challenging times, but our resilient business model and financial stability gives us the strength to disrupt and innovate transformation processes for the benefit of our customer.

We work in partnership with retailers & lenders to offer instant 0% rate customer finance across all point-of-sale platforms whilst seamlessly integrating instore and online experience. Whether you sell Home appliance, furniture, sports equipment, or electronic, – we are there for you.

Finally, dear readers, we understand that in the upcoming months we might face new pandemic challenges. Our team would like to once again reassure you that we are working very hard to keep everyone safe, create product that you love and wish you the best start of 2021.

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