Why JO1N us?

Frankly speaking, there are many reasons to join if you are a buyer and want to have a smooth shopping experience, boost the sales of your store or get reliable borrowers for your lending organisation. But here is a list of few:

Benefits for buyers

  • It’s Quick. Sign up is smooth, don’t spend another minute typing in your address and card information and passwords
  • It’s Easy. After signing up, start buying on your favorite websites that have installed checkout with just 1-click
  • It’s Safe. Manage your login and device history with JO1N, we don’t share your information with websites unless necessary
  • It’s Cheap. Shop at your favorite stores with the assurance of the best interest rate for your credit purchases from top lenders. More lenders, better offering

Benefits for lenders

  • Automated loan rate balancer. Thanks to technology we use, we fit customer KPI’s like average rate on loans portfolio. We can get our customers hundreds of markets instantly
  • Cross-Sales. Selling lenders additional products subject to domestic regulations: insurance, credit cards & etc
  • KPI targets. No need to set up targets with thousands of stores, set up with JO1N and we bring them to you
  • Risk & anti-fraud management systems. We prevent in-store fraud schemes. Tell us your risk appetite and we’ll deliver a qualified customer

Benefits for merchants

Add the JO1N checkout button or in-store QR solution to your site to enjoy higher conversion rates, more sales, and very happy customers

  • No FCA regulation. Credit agreements that are interest-free and less than twelve months term are unregulated
  • Increase your sales. JO1N partners experience up to 35% growth in sales, up to 50% increase in order value and up to 50% increase in repurchase rate. For a store of your size, it means more than 3 extra lending clients a day
  • Fast & Easy. You could be offering interest-free finance in just a matter of days, giving your customers a new way to pay for their purchases.
  • Super cheap. We charge you a small transparent transaction fee for our in-store and online solutions. Remember, JO1N financing is completely free to buyers.
  • All lenders in one. JO1N enables multiple top lenders at one back end & near to instant approval for your customers. The more lenders, the higher the approval rate & better MDR fees

How do I get access?
Every week we reach out to our potential customers to update them on the progress of our private alpha testing based on their sales channel they use and the area in the city that we are focusing on. Sign up to our mail and we will update you regularly on our progress.

What is the private alpha community?
This group is dedicated to the early adopters, influencers, friends and family of JO1N. You’ll have a first-row seat on our start-up journey against the odds – we’ll share our work process, decisions, challenges and we would seek help in the form of feedback and suggestions.

If you are the merchant.
We’d love for you to get to know our company early before we start conquering the market, as there could one day be a good fit for us to discuss potential cooperation.

Conditions to start

  1. Desire to be part of the groundbreaking story in the early days.
  2. Willingness to experience the new way of shopping, selling, and logging in.

Would you please let me know @Twiter if you have any objection of not JO1Ning?

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Image: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash