10 Reasons to love JO1N

Consumer finance popularity is constantly growing according to Worldpay 2021 research, reaching $6.7 in the UK alone . Providing finance options to the buyers, SMEs can improve sales to up to 30%, ATV, offer better customer experience, loyalty, and higher LTV.  In recent year’s companies like Klarna and Clearpay suddenly appeared on the UK market […]

eCommerce Marathon | Part 2 | Zen Cart

We are glad to announce another integration of the Zen Cart module into JO1N. Now, any merchant operating via Zen Cart will benefit from higher sales & conversion.  In today’s time, there is numerous open-source and e-commerce software available. It is a hard task to define the clear winner among the platforms as each has […]

eCommerce Marathon | Part 1 | OsCommerce

We believe that it would be symbolic to start our Marathon dedicated to e-commerce platforms with the article on OsCommerce. Launched in the 2000s, OsCommerce is the granddad of the majority of famous platforms such as Magento and has kicked off the era of eCommerce infrastructures worldwide. Today, OsCommerce also has a wide and enthusiastic […]

Open Banking: good or bad?

In this article, you will learn how, as a consumer credit firm you can apply open banking data to understand borrowers better in these uncertain times. The consumer credit landscape is changing rapidly due to globalization and pandemics making it impossible for lenders to continue business as usual while still relying on traditional credit bureau […]

JO1N: Advantages of a consumer finance broker

Our holistic approach Attempting to offer the cheaper credit option for the buyers and SME businesses at the same time requires deep expertise in dealing with merchants of such size. We have experience in dealing with SME’s and strategy in place to bring that “right at the checkout” lending comparison tool to the UK, so […]

UK business landscape: consumer credit

This year has seen the rise of frictionless payment platforms offering ‘buy now pay later’. Big players in the market include Klarna, AfterPay, and QuadPay – all of which are being adopted by online retailers with Gen Z and Millennials. However, over half of UK SMEs are being left behind by the digital revolution, allowing […]

Responsible lending at JO1N

How lenders define who to lend money to? A credit check is a snapshot of the buyer’s financial position to assess the creditworthiness. There are two different types of credit searches; one that won’t affect your credit rating, and one that would. ‘Hard’ is a type of search when the lender will run checks to […]

UK business landscape: SMEs

Over half of SME’s are being left behind by the digital revolution, allowing more tech-savvy and large retail chains competitors to win new customers at their expense, consistent with a study by Ironmongery Direct. 10,000 business owners participated in the study to look at the marketing habits of trade businesses across the UK. The findings […]

KYC: How we avoid fraud at JO1N

Almost every aspect of our everyday lives is becoming more convenient as everything has shifted to digital nowadays. Previously, there were only banks or FX shops to deal with finance-related operations, which at times would include extremely long waiting time. Now, giving our personal data for the sake of convenience and time saved. For example, […]

QR code lending – what is it and how does it work?

QR codes have entered our everyday lives back in the 2000s: groceries, clothing, books, DIY – you name it. Despite the recent rapid growth in demand for QR codes in Asia, the adoption rate in Europe remained low for quite a while. QR product has mostly been known as a tool for accessing information As […]